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Active Release Technique and Arm Injury

Seemingly this month's most common injury as baseball season ramps up. Proper reconditioning and biomechanics are vital. Active Release Technique (ART) allows us to effectively treat a variety of soft tissue and nervous injuries. As these injuries become more prevalent, we must actively seek a way to break up scar tissue and return the tissues to their normal tone and function after repetitive use injuries. Listen to the body, it tells you what you need. 



Swolemate Showdown - Outlier Crossfit

Crossfit Coronado podium!!

Dr. Chris with Crown City Chiropractic and Sports Performance had a great time meeting all the competitors, their families and friends this weekend. Glad we could help Crossfit Coronado to bring home two of the three top spots in the intermediate level.  

We would like to thank RockTape for providing some free tape samples for the athletes...We used about 50 FEET of that wonderful stuff!!!

Congratulations to all the competitors this weekend, you moved some serious weight in those WODs!!!


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